Podcast Episode 7: Diversity, Inclusion & Pronouns with Kristy Ware

Episode 7 - Kristy Ware

This episode with my dear friend Kristy Ware (they/them) was so so good.  We talk about Kristy's career transition as they've moved from being exclusively a health and wellbeing coach into their role as a Workplace Inclusion teacher and coach over the past 5 years (since we met!). It's been a lifetime of learning and stepping in for Kristy and I'm so grateful we got to share this story on this episode. We also dove pretty heavy into pronouns and what it's like to have options these days.

I got A LOT out of this conversation - one I was, truthfully, a bit nervous to have because I have never really had it before but Kristy made me feel so safe to ask some of these questions and to explore some of these concepts. Go find Kristy, bring them in to teach you and your team, and buy their books!!

Note: we also mentioned the books The Big Leap and The Woman They Could Not Silence if you want to remember those titles and pick them up!

About Kristy:

Kristy Ware (they/them) is a Health & Well-Being Expert, Speaker and Author of Synergize Your Health - The 6 Elements for Greater Vitality & Joy and Dismantling The Obstacles to Workplace Inclusion. Kristy inspires individuals and organizations to take action toward creating equitable, inclusive and healthy workplaces.   

Kristy has over 20 years combined experience in leadership, coaching and consulting. They weave together powerful stories, current research, and effective strategies to uplift, inspire and educate. Expertly using their contagious energy and straightforward approach, Kristy sparks audiences to take conscious steps toward implementing change. They live in Vernon BC with their wife and son. 


Links to follow Kristy across the web and find their awesome books!!!

Website: https://kristyware.com/

Books: https://kristyware.com/press/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kristy-ware-coaching-consulting

Podcast: "Inclusion Evolution" on Spotify and iTunes


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