Podcast Episode 8: Emotions, deep healing & love with Shelsey Jarvis

Episode 8 - Shelsey Jarvis

This episode with Shelsey Jarvis was a deep dive into what it looks like when you're down to your last straw and in need of major healing. Since we met back in 2018, Shelsey's life has changed so so much as she transitioned into her current work around creating deep relationships. We talked emotions and what it takes (and looks like) to feel all the feels in order to heal the inner parts of yourself that need love. 

I believe this is a MUST LISTEN episode for everyone out there. There is so much gold in this episode. 

A little about Shelsey:

Shelsey Jarvis is a relationship coach who helps women create the relationship of their dreams whether they’re dating, or want to take their current relationship to new heights and depths.

She has been coaching since 2016, and in that time has helped hundreds to heal emotionally, embody their magnetic feminine energy, develop their communication skills, and feel confident and passionate in their lives.

As a divorced mom of 2 who navigated the dating journey to find her current relationship, she is able to connect with and guide her clients regardless of their starting point to co-create a passionate, intimate, connected partnership.

Find Shelsey online:

FREE Facebook Group: http://facebook.com/groups/magneticfemininity 
Tiktok: @shelseyjarvis
IG: @shelsey.jarvis

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