Why Numerology?

Have you ever felt like "I'm just this way - I don't know why I am - but I am"

I've learned that Numerology has the power to provide powerful insights into who we are and who we were always meant to be. The greatest gift clients receive from a Numerology reading is the validation they feel about who they always felt they were but couldn't quite put their finger on it. Now they're able to hear it from an outside perspective and it's written on paper!

You were uniquely designed to live this lifetime this way. We are each unique and we each came with our own way of being in this world.

Numerology helps us to understand the way we were born to be so that we can learn to live and flow with our gifts instead of fighting against them every day.

Imagine a workplace - a WORLD - where everyone was recognized for their unique perspective and the gifts they came here to share?
Imagine knowing you were born to be a visionary type and the person next to you was born to be the creative type... how much better could you work together knowing this vital information about each other? Could you collaborate more easily? Could you create more magic? Could you accept that they were made different than you on purpose and your unique skills were meant to be complimentary?

Can you even begin to imagine the possibilities when we understand our path and the path of the person sitting next to us?!

This is the power of numerology and receiving a blueprint.


How does it work?

Numerology is the study of numbers. Each number carries it's own unique energy. Every day of every year carries an energy. 

Personal numerology readings are intuitive informational sessions based off your birth date.

I'll break down your birthday in a bunch of different ways to pull different pieces of information out of it. It's truly incredible the amount of RICH information you can gather just from someone's birthday! After doing the logical stuff the papers tell me, I tap into my intuition to pull out the most aligned information I see that pertains to YOU. This is really where the magic happens because no 2 people born on the same day are the same person. So I lean into - and trust - my intuition to tell me which pieces most apply to you.

Then I write it all up and send it over to you to reflect on whenever you need to come back to yourself or need a bit of validation for the way you are.

That's it, really! It's simple - not scary - a ton of fun and such a joy for me to do! I love connecting on this deep level with my clients.


So what are you waiting for!? Get your blueprint below!

Numerology Blueprint and call

Full Page Blueprint + 1:1 Call

$111 includes full page report + 30 minute 1:1 explanatory call

This is the most popular numerology reading option. In this service you receive a full page typed blueprint emailed to you that includes detailed information such as your Ruling Number, any Arrows you carry and personality traits you should be aware of within yourself. We also hop on a 30-min Zoom call where I get to explain everything I found while coming up with your blueprint! The blueprint will be emailed shortly before our call so you can match our discussion to the written report.

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Mini Blueprint 2

Mini Blueprint

$45 for half page emailed directly to you

If you're curious what numerology has to tell you but aren't sure you want to commit to a full reading, this is a great entry level option for you! You'll receive a half page typed description of your Ruling Number and any major influences that come up emailed directly to your inbox. It's low effort and low commitment on your part and a great way to dip your toes in to the wealth of knowledge available through numerology!

**Use code 20off to receive $20 off your mini blueprint NOW through January 28, 2023!!**

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Learn from my mentor, Meaghan Alton

I learned what I know from the incomparable Meaghan Alton! Start your own numerology studies with her THIS WEEK by attending her FREE online event, Sacred Light Codes running January 24, 25, & 26!

She always over delivers and there's SO MUCH info packed into every session Meaghan does. I truly LOVE learning from her.

You will not regret the decision to join us - I promise!

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