My clients know they need me

And I'm honored to be here to help

​If you KNOW you need some Cvent/registration help, please reach out - I'm literally just an email or a phone call away... anytime!

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How I can help you and your team:

As a small consulting firm, I'm not just somebody you get assigned for THIS project.
​I'm here for you on this project and the next one, too (which is my favorite part about this work!).

My background in meeting planning and corporate means we'll think through the entire planning and registration process together - from initial idea to that last registrant - ​so we can avoid surprises later on (and if those surprises do happen, we'll work through them together).

Here are a few ways we can work together: 

(but by no means is this a comprehensive list)

Cvent System SMM Implementation Consulting

Having a know-it-all subject matter expert on your team during the lengthy and involved SMM implementation process can be the most valuable investment you make. My goal is to work WITH your team and the Cvent team, as an extension of both sides, to help your Cvent SMM implementation run smoothly.  I absolutely love this work - sitting in the room educating the end user throughout the process on how the system works. My last client I did this with found my depth of knowledge to be extremely insightful while they sat staring at endless excel sheets and project plans. If you're in the beginning stages of implementing Cvent on a large scale, I'd love to be your right arm and consult with you to ensure there are no knowledge gaps in the process!

Registration Site Builds

With years of experience in Cvent (including as an administrator of a very involved, very active account) I've built countless sites and I'm confident I can help you with yours. Whether it's a simple, single path site or a complex multi-path site, I've seen almost everything and can help you bring your vision to life!

Emergency Registration Help

"Help me! I have a site that needs to launch in a few days and I haven't even started!"
"I built this site but it's not what the client wanted - help!"

If you've ever thought (or uttered) either of these scenarios (or similar), I'm here to help. Rest assured I can get your site in tip top shape and ready for your stakeholders.

Ad-Hoc/Extra Help

Want to have someone on standby to check out your site before you launch it? Do you have random little tasks that would be easier (and more cost effective) to delegate out to someone rather than taking the time to do it yourself? That's where I come in! Shoot me a quick email or call anytime with your pop-up need. I'm happy to help with any or all of these scenarios!

We're a great fit if...

  • You're stressed with not enough hours in the day to complete all of your Cvent or reg-related tasks
  • You understand what goes into building a Cvent site and/or maintaining your Cvent system
  • You trust me to do what I do best (hint: Cvent site builds, trainings, talking through a complex site situation)
  • You're a planner at a large Corporation (although I do work with the occasional 3rd party as well)
  • Your company builds and executes many events per year through your reg system
  • You view me an an extension of your team - someone you can lean on and laugh with throughout the build process
  • You love that I call myself [and take pride in being] a "Cvent Nerd"

Some of the incredible clients who have trusted me since 2015