Podcast Episode 6: The power in the PAUSE with David Delisle

Episode 6 - David Delisle

In this episode I'm joined by my very good friend, David Delisle, Author of The Golden Quest, Founder of The Awesome Stuff, Investor and dad. 

Per usual, this episode runs all over the place but the common thread we pulled out was David's unique way of approaching the world in just approaching it with open, non-seeking curiosity. A common theme that emerged was there's immense power in the PAUSE that comes after creating a joy benchmark. 

We covered you Awesome Stuff, seeing kids through a lens of curiosity and empathy, masculinity and crying and being mindful to create a richer life.

Hope you enjoy this conversation and getting to know David. Leave us your feedback in the comments!

A bit about David:

At age 11, David made his first investment and by age 20 had begun investing in real estate. Learning the power of compound growth at such a young age enabled David to quickly become a self-proclaimed finance nerd and semi-retired by age 40. When he realized he wanted to pass his knowledge on to his two young sons, David began compiling notes into what would eventually become his first book, a graphic novel called The Golden Quest, that was published in 2022. 

The book, and much of what David shares, is centered around seemingly simple concepts (young children grasp these concepts with ease) that hold the power to transform your mindset and everyday habits. David offers us a new way to think about money by noticing the weight of our words, choices, actions and the world around us.

You can find David on Instagram @TheAwesomeStuff and you can pick up a copy of The Golden Quest through his website www.theawesomestuff.com or on Amazon.

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