Podcast Episode 5: Entrepreneurial Volunteerism with Jill Valentine

Episode 5 - Jill Valentine

Oh how my heart loved this conversation with Jill Valentine, founder of UGO Impact!

To be honest, I knew very little about Jill and her mission before this episode which you will hear in my semi-stunned and lost for words voice throughout the conversation as it all landed with me. We dive deep into volunteering and giving back both locally and internationally and everything in between. I'm so passionate about the topic of volunteering and was pleasantly surprised as this conversation unfolded. 

My favorite part was right at the end in "Happy people don't start wars." Ain't that the truth. When you find purpose and fulfilment through being of service to the world at large, you are scientifically happier and happy, content with their life people don't start wars. They just don't. 

I hope you are as inspired to get involved, if even in some small way, after listening to this episode as I was! Please leave your feedback for us and let us know your favorite part of this episode!

Here's a bit about Jill and her company:

Jill Valentine is the CEO and Transformational Travel & Life Purpose Coach of her social enterprise, UGO Impact. She leverages the power of travel and volunteerism as tools for creating profound personal change for her clients and social change for communities in need. 

Jill provides her clients with the clarity, confidence and community to live the life they dream of full of purpose and meaning, while they volunteer abroad in communities in need around the world including Belize, Nepal, Tanzania, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

 She is the creator of the UGO Triple Change Effect Model and author of Dare to be a Dandelion.  As an adventurer and a passionate force for good she has volunteered thousands of hours for over 30 local and international organizations in a myriad of capacities. 

Jill lives by the words, “Let’s Make it Happen” and is inspiring her daughter to do the same.

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