Podcast Episode 4: Designing Your Life on Purpose and Choosing our words wisely with Cheri Honeycutt

Episode 4 - Cheri Honeycutt

On this week's episode of This Isn't About Me podcast I am THRILLED to share my sweet friend Cheri Honeycutt.

Oh goodness I LOVED this conversation so so so much. We had a wonderfully soulful conversation about Cheri's business - Design Your Life on Purpose - which led us to an incredible conversation all about WORDS. The power of our words is so so much and this conversation was LIFE for me. You KNOW I loved that conversation so much.

During the conversation, Cheri mentioned a super helpful "wheel of emotions." Upon a quick Google search, I found this version you can use if it's helpful for you! https://www.visualcapitalist.com/a-visual-guide-to-human-emotion/

Cheri also talks about an acronym for F.E.A.R being Find Evidence of your Actual Reality. This powerful tool allowed her to calm herself in a moment of panic - let us know if this helps you over time as well.

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Cheri Honeycutt, M.Ed. is the Founder of Design Your Life On Purpose Coaching. She is a life coach, speaker, trainer, and podcaster who is hell-bent on helping people design the life they have always intended. . . on purpose. She wants to shout from the top of tall buildings, “Wake up! Stop living by default! It’s time to live the life you REALLY want!”

She’s passionate about this because she spent too many years just getting by, drifting along, second-guessing herself, and not having much of what she wanted. A single mom with two children with special needs, happiness seemed like a pipe dream. In truth, in those “not so hot” years she was in fact crafting a plan to live her purpose and have the life she really wanted. She was designing her ideal life and now she wants to help others do this too.

Cheri offers individual and group coaching, corporate workshops, keynote speeches and more. Her podcast “Design Your Life On Purpose” can be found on iTunes or anywhere you listen. Her books are available on Amazon (under her former name Britton). To contact Cheri or learn more about her work visit www.cherihoneycutt.com

Be sure to follow Cheri on Instagram @Cheri.Honeycutt

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