So you started a business

You’ve recently taken the leap into the wonderful and fulfilling world of entrepreneurship!! YAY! I’m SO stinkin’ proud of you! 

It’s an exhilarating and exciting time when you decide to take that leap. The world is aglow with glitter and sunshine and POSSIBILITY!

What will you do with all this newfound TIME you have on your hands?

You have a beautiful business idea and you’re EXCITED to begin to execute it. 

But you may feel a little OVERWHELMED and a little like “where do I start?” 

And then your mind starts racing with all the glitz and glamor of fancy new logos and polished websites.

The danger here is that before you know it, you’re throwing money out the window on some “out there” solution you don’t even really need.

Here’s the quick and dirty on starting your business:

  1. You can purchase a domain in about 2 minutes flat (take your pick of any domain registrar and hosting service - you can usually snag a year of free domain name)
  2. You can create your own simple logo in Canva (easy design software that's free to get started)
  3. You can create a simple website with some details about your product or service in A DAY with a contact form and/or a simple button to buy your services or book a call with you (PayPal or Stripe to take payments, Calendly to create a booking calendar, Weebly/Wix/Squarespace for a simple website)

When you’re just starting out, you don’t need all sorts of fancy software or a big, shiny website.

YOU can do all of this yourself.

You’ve just started out and you’ve got nothing but time right now.

My advice? Take advantage of this TIME and start with some simple programs to get up and running and hone in on connecting with and bringing in paying clients before you outsource. 

STOP giving your power away to people who you think “know more than you” and tap into your own genius and abilities!

Think you can’t do it?

You can. 

I know for a FACT that you can. 

I believe wholeheartedly in YOU and your ability to set up a few simple systems to get you up and running and doing more of what you LOVE!

Good luck, my sweet friend. And if you need some help, I'm always here for you


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