Podcast Episode 3: Business Energetics and Numbers with Tara Leduc

Episode 3 - Tara Leduc

On this episode of This Isn't About Me, I am joined for another soulful conversation by my hilarious, super smart and dynamic friend Tara Leduc. During this episode, amidst lots of laughter, we managed to get ourselves into a heartfelt conversation around pricing your services and aligning yourself to what feels most energetically aligned FOR YOU. Without the outside pressures.

Pricing is such an important part of running your business AND it's easy to fall into comparison mode with what the entrepreneur next door is doing. We hope to inspire you to tune in to yourself, your own needs and your own ENERGETICS when considering how to price and run your business. After all, YOU are the CEO of your business, not the person next door.

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About Tara:

Tara is a Wealth Building Coach and Teacher/Mentor of Intuition! She has claimed her Prosperity, and lives in the beautiful wilds of Northern Canada (the Yukon, which you'll hear us chat about), where she is usually outside, skiing and dipping in icy cold waters, with her high energy dog and her cutie husband.

Tara's program, Be a Money Manifesting Machine, will re-open for enrollment soon.

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