Podcast Episode 2: Numerology and Healing with Heather Ruth

Episode 2 - Heather Ruth

In this episode I had a super soulful conversation with my amazingly powerful and sweet friend Heather Ruth about a whole bunch of things but mostly how obsessed we both are with numerology! If you haven't learned about numerology yet, you'll hear Heather and I get pretty excited about the information, validation and depth available to us through this incredible tool.

I hope you enjoy listening to us banter and giggle as we talk hard life stuff (being in a dark place), parenting and, of course, numerology.

About Heather:

Heather is an Intuitive Connection & Integration Coach, Master Numerologist, Reiki Practitioner, Conscious Guide, Speaker, Writer and Mama bear to two lights in this world.  

Heather has immersed herself in the ebb and flow of the universe by studying influences of numbers, consciousness, cultures, nature and spiritual connection. She has also dove heart first into the world of understanding Trauma ~ and how as coaches we can help those suffering break generation patterns and trauma.

As we heal we heal others especially our children. 

Heather has a grand vision of ending generational trauma; our children do not deserve to carry, unpack or resolve the struggles we have as parents. In this vision it’s Heather’s desire to see a world where our roots run deep, connection is felt and experienced daily through practices like meditation, journaling, contemplation and stillness.

You can find Heather on Instagram @HeatherJRuth

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