Podcast Episode 1: Talking Witchery with Crystal Adair-Benning

Episode 1 - Crystal Adair-Benning

In this VERY FIRST episode of This Isn't About Me Podcast, I am excited to introduce my hilarious friend Crystal Adair-Benning.

We had a million directions we could have taken the conversation but what decided to surface was a lively conversation around what it means to be a witch, modern witchery, claiming the word Witch for ourselves as modern day humans and a dive into all the ways "witch" has actually really been around forever.

Crystal is the owner of WordMagic Copywriting. She comes from a family of deeply connected "medicine" type women - witches, in their own right - and shares her journey to embracing Witch. You even get me to claim this word along the way, as well.

We run the gamut of conversation here from ancient witches, to modern day reclamation of the word. We tap a bit into religion, society, patriarchy and The Wizard of Oz even comes up by the end of it but somehow the golden thread of magic, witchery, owning your power and tapping into your own deep rooted intuition remains throughout all of the twists and turns.

Note there are a few swears sprinkled in but it's not riddled with them.

We hope you love this first episode and tune in for the next episode!

You can find and keep up with Crystal on Instagram @wordmagiccopywriting 

Follow me on Instagram @LeanneVelky 

I love mornings when we work as a team to get out the door
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