I love mornings when we work as a team to get out the door

I love mornings when we work as a team to get out the door.

Yesterday was a BRUTAL mothering day. M woke up so tired and continued to be a BEAR all day long because he was exhausted. He fights going to bed when he needs to because in his mind he's the older brother and his "little" brother should go to bed before him.

The reality is that he just needs more sleep. He's always been a kid who needs a lot of sleep.

As a baby, he would nap for 3 hours in the afternoon, wake up at 5 or 5:30 and then go back to sleep for the night at 6:30 or 7. Like - seriously. The kid loves sleep.
But he's been fighting it this week which has been nothing less than frustrating. *I* know how much sleep he needs but he doesn't see it yet (kids, of course, know more than their parents, after all).

Anyway. After we both completely and totally lost our shit yesterday (I was a super NOT great parent yesterday), he took a much needed nap before his first baseball practice.

When I hugged him goodnight, I asked if we could have a better day tomorrow. He said he would try. (I'll take it!)

This morning, we woke up a bit late but worked as a team of 3 to get out the door.


Mornings where M steps up and takes charge to help out by packing lunch boxes and/or getting water bottles as I work with B (kid looooves to procrastine... no idea where he gets that from 😉 ) or get myself dressed.

I was headed out for a walk with girlfriends after drop off so I actually had to pull myself together a little more than usual and he was amazing by telling me "mom - go get dressed and I'll pack the lunch boxes for us"

I love those moments.

Ever find that your kids are the BEST the day after the explosion happens or is it just me?

I've noticed this pattern since the beginning.

Slowly the tension ramps up and up and up until finally one day it's just unbearable. It almost breaks you. It's too much. You wonder what the hell is going on and why this is happening. You literally can't take one more minute of it.

And then BOOM! Your kid(s) are perfect angels and you alllllmost think you were going crazy. Like "what was I so worked up for?"

It's crazy making, this child rearing thing. Truly crazy making sometimes.

(Surely there are lessons to be learned here and energetic patterns and whatnot to break, I know... but I'm imperfectly human and I'm learning)

But the SWEET moments... the completely tender, loving, innocent, adorable, heart-melting moments that bring you to unvoluntary tears... those are the BEST. The highest of the high when your heart sings and you're like "I MADE THAT."

Yep. They may be slightly further between than I'd like but those are the moments worth living for that put my heart at peace and convince me to push on for another day in this crazy adventure called MOTHERHOOD.
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