Podcast Episode 11: A Soulful Conversation with my Empath Mentor, Stacey Friedman

Episode 11 - Stacey Friedman

I'm excited to introduce you to my beautiful, powerful, magical friend and mentor, Stacey Friedman! On this episode of This Isn't About Me, Stacey and I talked a lot about being a woman, the many iterations of SELF and being human... who we have BEEN and who we get to CHOOSE to be this year, next year, next season, etc. And of course a bit about being an Empath.

I met Stacey a handful of years ago at an event and have stayed connected with her ever since. There's something powerful and magical about her and her ability to hold space for the humans in her world.

2 years ago, on Valentine's Day (2021), I attended one of Stacey's free workshops on being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) / Empath and that hour literally changed my ENTIRE life. Suddenly everything that had ever happened to me made complete sense. I will always cherish this memory. We discuss my entire "empath epiphany" on this episode of Stacey's Podcast (Sensitive Soul Support).

*A few swears sprinkled in this episode, per usual*

A bit about Stacey:

Stacey Friedman is an integrative nutrition health coach, certified HMR® practitioner, empath educator and author. She is the founder of Lucky Girl Health & Wellness and serves overworked, stressed out women who are hungry to live more vibrant and joyful lives. She specializes in helping women heal their painful past so they can find peace in their lives.

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