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I had the extreme pleasure recently of [re]connecting with my friend Mark Granovsky, CEO and Founder of G2Planet and was truly excited and blown away by what I got to see:

A powerful, flexible, comprehensive Enterprise-level platform built to handle and navigate the total landscape of Strategic Meetings Management (SMM).

G2Planet is made up of EventCENTRALEventMAX and Velocity. Three extremely powerful event management tools.

While EventCENTRAL was created as the first baby and really focuses on handling the bulk of logistics that plague the SMM world, EventMAX was created to handle the registration/ticketing side of things and Velocity is for virtual. I didn't have time to dig into Velocity so for the sake of this article, I'm focusing on the first two pieces.

I was impressed by G2Planet's client list which is mainly comprised of those with large meetings programs and a lot of volume. All I could think was "wow, you must need so many servers for all this information."


EventCENTRAL was built for managing the corporate meetings ecosystem. Inside the platform you can gain HIGHLY valuable insights into your meetings, live events and marketing strategies.

Inside the platform, you can:

  • Create a dynamic meeting request form for insights into your entire company-wide event ecosystem via an attractive calendar;
  • Score exhibitions by tons of criteria to decide whether it's worth exhibiting again;
  • Host a vendor, speaker, document, event, and staff library;
  • Create on-site event staff schedules accessible to your on-site crew and easily move people around if needed;
  • Allocate resources...

And SO. MUCH. MORE. This is quite literally just the very tip of the iceberg and I'm doing it absolutely no justice with my weak words.

Oh - and you can create robust budgets ("the b word" as we used to refer to it at Biogen because it was such a difficult and touchy subject). Mark created the budgeting tool based on dozens of client budget examples to create a flexible and robust tool made specifically for handling the complexity of event budgets.

Side note: I would use EventCENTRAL just for its ability to host a vendor library that's accessible company-wide! How many meeting planning teams are constantly asking each other "Do we have a preferred vendor for linens in San Diego?" or consulting an Excel file on a shared drive to try to find this information? You can also use it for Staff/freelancers so you can visually see who's available for projects and also keep notes on freelancers you've used. I LOVED these features/functionalities and easily see their very practical use for planning teams of all sizes.


When it comes to the EventMAX side of things, those details collected on the meeting request form? They flow over into your auto-created event shell so you start with a lot of the information you need. And from there you can build out your website and registration process based on quick start themes (customizable of course), among all the rest of the functionality you'd expect (emails, exhibitors (ERC), speakers - a library that sits at the account level so you can easily pull frequently used speakers/exhibitors into multiple events all year long).

EventMAX might not be the "biggest" registration platform out there (that's not what they were building/solving for), but knowing Mark and the way his brilliant brain works, they will get there (and this isn't to say the platform is lacking... it's still plenty capable of handling the registration piece of things).

When you are the creator of the software, you get to have so much more power to work with clients to create exactly what they need. And that's exactly what Mark has done over the past 24 years... worked with clients to build in the functionality they need as it comes up, to make the G2Planet ecosystem a real powerhouse.

Final Thoughts:

This software is ROBUST and as such is not for everyone.

But for those corporations that own and manage hundreds or thousands of events per year, it's a SOLID contender for your attention and budget. If you're in the market for a single tool to manage all of the things listed above (and more), I'd venture to say it's probably the only contender on the market for such things.

I'm excited to continue to build on my relationship with Mark and Vern and the entire G2Planet / EventCENTRAL / EventMAX team. I'm only sad I slept on this for so long!

- - - - - - - -

Not sponsored or an affiliate. This post is part of a series I'm working on to highlight the many event registration / management software options on the market after I participate in demos with them! There's a lot more to come.

Feel free to reach out with questions about G2Planet or any of the research work I'm doing on registration platforms. I'm also happy to connect you with Mark if you feel you're ready for the depth and robustness EventCENTRAL and EventMAX have to offer corporations and large meeting planning organizations.

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