What a strange day

What a strange day it's been. A strange week, if I'm honest.

I'm currently in an incredible program created by the incomparable Carrie Green, creating an AMAZING offer to put out into the world. This week this offer is feeling like my life's work finally coming to fruition and being birthed. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time.

This week I've learned how much I've been hiding. How much I've lost myself recently. How much of ME is missing.

So last night I was on my way to dinner with my best friend and stopped to get gas. As I was at the pump, I noticed a UPS driver headed back to his truck. 

He looked tired. Ragged. Exhausted.

Like a shell of a human.

As I drove away, I found myself realizing I DON'T WANT TO BE THAT PERSON.

I've always been pretty clear that I don't want to be that person but yesterday, more than ever before, it was even more brilliant in my mind.

As I watched the man walk back to his truck, the shell that he was, I watched him run his hand through his hair and hang his head a little... I felt the strongest urge to hold his hand. Or bring him a gift card for a coffee. I found myself wishing I had been inside the store with him to offer him a smile or a pat on the back. 

I didn't do any of these things but I wish I had. I wish I had been a little bit more brave or that I had something to offer him. 

I did drive off though thinking that it is my MISSION in life to breathe life into others. To hold space for them. To pour into them with the light I know I radiate out around me. And suddenly so much became even clearer to me in what I'm creating over these next 12 weeks (doors will open April 25th!!! EEK!).

At dinner, I told my best friend about this program and what I am ultimately creating. While Carrie is assuring us that even the smallest product is viable and it's okay if we don't birth some big, life's work out of this program, I can't help but continue to be called to do the BIG thing. It's TIME for me, after 6 years of messing around in Entrepreneurland, to birth the thing I have REALLY always wanted to birth....

I explained to my friend that what I'm working on will be a space (finally!) where I can be surrounded by MY people. The ones I love and adore and I can happily and confidently pour myself into. I have, for too long, desired to give myself fully and freely to my people without a vehicle for doing so. The vision I have means SO much to me, it's brought me to tears twice in the last 12 hours.

This morning I woke up to an illustration on IG that literally hit right through my soul. An image of a firey man and a windy woman, breathing life into each other. Being powerful together.

And then I read a post shared by my sweet friend Hayley about the women healers of this world and how we are meant to breathe life into those who come into contact with us and that post just hit so differently - so deep inside of me - I couldn't help but feel that THIS is what I'm meant to do. And it's TIME that I step confidently into being THAT woman.. because the world needs it. Now more than ever.

I felt ELECTRIC this morning. Like I had so much energy surging through me I wasn't sure what to do with it. So I got on a mastermind call and shared my heart and my ideas and felt seen and validated by the incredible women in the circle.

And then...

My energy changed. I've noticed over the past few hours that there's a heaviness out there.

A friend I was chatting to on the phone felt tired and heavy. The conversation felt big and it felt like I needed to hold the space.

And then another friend, too... I can feel their energies... even through short messenger chats, I can feel it.

And I'm reminded that now more than ever, it's SO important for me to stay in my truth, in my power and in my fullness to hold the space for those who need me. It's TIME be fully myself so that I can pour into others in their times of need.. to be a beacon of love and light for them through the crazy, heavy world around us.

How's the energy feeling for you today?


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