Where it all began: Why not me? Why not now?

I want to start my very first blog post on this platform with the story of where I even came from and why I'm even here. My story goes like this:

So, back in 2016, I had just gone back to my old boss to work again. I had just enjoyed 2 amazing years in corporate where I truly LOVED my job. I sat with our Corporate Events team and was in charge of our event registration software platform. I managed the platform and trained our team with one of my very closest working friends I've ever made. We had a TON of fun working together and I truly loved the "real" corporate environment and I loved this job. I got be in charge and how ownership and that felt good but my friend was technically my boss so he fought all the fights for me. And I got to be surrounded by brilliant, beautiful women who worked all day to execute events, large and small, for the company. 

Unfortunately, I was laid off right before I went to have my 2nd baby (I was a contractor so they simply eliminated my position so, no, I don't think it was illegal to do this - luckily I had already saved up for a maternity leave as it was going to be unpaid anyway). After a wonderful 4.5 months with my new baby, I decided it was time to start making some money again. And so I reluctantly took my old, old job back... the one I had BEFORE the glorious corporate job. I sort of knew before I even went back that it wasn't a good idea but I pushed forward anyway. Every day was dreadful and I was truly unhappy in this position.

In January of 2016, only 3 months after taking this job back, the lightbulb went off.

I realized...

OTHER people work for themselves.

OTHER people are out there running successful businesses.

MY DAD works for himself and has always been the boss of a business - for my entire lifetime, that's the only way I knew him.

Holy. hell.


And, IF me...


Halle-freakin'-lujah that lightbulb finally came on in my brain.

After that, I joined a few female entrepreneur Facebook groups and started to get my head ready to take the leap. I was of course terrified but I was SO unhappy in my job that it was worth it. So, I hired a lawyer to set up my S-Corp and I hired a business coach to help me prep for the day I quit. I wanted to quit on a very specific day for a very specific reason... 

But in true to me fashion, I simply could not wait. When I know the TRUTH of something, and I know what I need to do, I typically can't wait to tell the person/do the thing.

So, instead of waiting until March or whenever I had said I was going to quit, I did it about a week into working with that first coach.

She was FLOORED and laughed and said "okay! I guess we're here now!"

Those first few weeks were SO liberating and so incredibly wonderful. I absolutely LOVEDDDD the feeling of being my own boss and making my own rules. Luckily I left that job with my very first client and a $12,000 contract. I'll always be so very grateful for that first client (with whom I STILL keep in touch and who's sent even more business my way over the years!) for giving me the confidence to take the leap.

So, I lept.. and it's been the most beautiful, challenging, humbling, scary, fun, eye opening, soul-expanding, FULL FAITH REQUIRED effort I've ever lived through...

But 6 years later, I can say WITHOUT A DOUBT, it's all been worth it!

Share your take the leap story with me. I want to know when you started and did you also have a lightbulb moment like I did or did you fall into it??

What a strange day


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