Community. Connection. Collaboration. 

Who are you spending your 2023 with?

Doing business alone sucks. Doing it with like hearted humans who can share your frustrations, excitement, wins and love of learning is soooo much better!

This space if for you if you are craving:

  • A thoughtfully curated, intimate community
  • To be truly, deeply seen for who you are (we don't beat around the bush or do small talk around here)
  • A massively successful 2023 alongside others with similar dreams, goals and visions
  • A place to go to find clarity and friendship as you do your big work in the world
  • Humans who conduct themselves with honesty, integrity and realness at every turn
  • A space where your contribution is valued
  • Mind, body, soul and business growth throughout the year

"The packs you run with and the kindred connections you forge are not always defined by blood, yet they are your living and breathing support system. Deep friendships are the family we choose, and these sacred connections are to be cherished and nurtured. In the best and worst of times, these companions serve as mirrors, allowing you to see who you truly are through their eyes."*

What's included inside The Circle:

While it's hard to put the full magic into words here is a high level overview of the main things you can expect from The Accountability Circle for Heart-Based Entrepreneurs:

Online Community for 24/7 access

We'll all hang cozily together in a Facebook group where you can share your wins, your needs and everything in between. There's no "pitching" to each other but I promise when you show up in love and service to your community, they will show up for you! Come ready to be open and share with your fellow entrepreneurs and we'll be ready for you!

Monthly Virtual Gatherings

Weekly - bi-weekly virtual gatherings where we CELEBRATE what we've accomplished recently followed by either a teaching or card pull for introspection and journaling time. After our journal time, we usually break into small groups to discuss & connect before coming back together as a large group to chat all together about the topic of the week!

Collaborative Space

This space is here to help you grow so you're a BIG part of making it what you need it to be. Need more together time? Less? More socializing with fellow Circle members? A live event? A virtual class or musical performance?

Your needs and ideas are always welcome as this will be a continually evolving space throughout the year. Don't be afraid to share your ideas with me!

The Circle Pricing & Details 

It's mega important to me to make and keep this community accessible to everyone who wants to be a part of it.

This space is everything to me and the connections and magic that happen inside of it, have been nothing short of a dream come true.

That said, IF you wanted to buy in at a higher rate because you have either received so much from it or believe in the space (or me! - whatever it is for you), I decided to give options for upgrades. If your plan doesn't include 1:1 sessions, you'll see me in group calls, comments on posts inside the FB group or can always opt for single paid sessions (or to work with me 1:1 through Amplify private coaching)

I am completely unattached to whichever price feels good to you. You are free to make the choice that works best for you and I will still love and treat you the same, no matter which level you opt in to!

Note that whichever level you choose will put you onto a monthly recurring payment plan. You are welcome to cancel at any time. If you cancel mid-month, you will be able to stay through the end of the month and then will be removed from the group at the beginning of the following month. You're always welcome to come back if you miss us!

If you have any other questions about the pricing, please feel free to drop me an email. I'm here to answer all the questions!.

Pay in Full for the Rest of 2023


USD for 2023

SAVE $5 off the $88 rate when you pay in full for the rest of 2023, PLUS:

BONUS for FOUNDING MEMBERS who choose this rate:
{5} 60-min 1:1 "Highlight Your Greatness" calls with Leanne to use before 2023 ends!

For March Founding Members Only

Founder Pricing



Only founders can see this price. I want to honor your faith in jumping in with me in March so you're able to rejoin for your original $44 investment.

Double Up


Leanne Velky

“I've been in three mastermind groups over the years, and the important thing is always the quality of the members. Leanne has great skill in aligning people with similar ethics, values and motivation levels who can support each other in the various areas of business. I have been able to work smarter and dream bigger. With the support of Leanne and my mastermind sisters I have even started a movement, which is something I couldn't have imagined when we began. If you are ready to take your business beyond your wildest dreams, this is for you! <3”

300 Million Hugs

Don't do 2023 alone

We'll do it together - in this beautiful, inclusive, supportive space.