Tech can be daunting - or downright frustrating - sometimes

I totally get it. I've struggled to get a program to cooperate with me and have had plenty of moments where I wanted to punch the screen in the face... and I'm a person who generally "gets" tech! I've developed tons of workarounds over the years to get things to function how I want them to... and STILL sometimes it refuses to work for me.

This is how I know you're not alone in your tech struggles.

But avoiding tech is not the answer (it is 2022 after all!) and simply outsourcing everything to someone else means you're just throwing away money that could be spent elsewhere.

I don't want either of these things for you!

I want you to be EMPOWERED by the tech you choose to use for your business and to lighten the load, at least a little bit, for you as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of "tech."

I've found that so many women feel overwhelmed with the prospect of learning their way around the computer and I seriously don't blame them. With tons of new systems and so many software options, it can really make your head spin...

Do any of these sound familiar?

    • You want to throw your computer out the window when you can't get a new program to work right...
    • You worry you'll break something by simply opening a program you've yet to practice in...
    • You'd rather do it manually or by hand than learn a[nother] new computer program...
    • You feel ashamed that you don't quite know what you're doing and feel like you should KNOW this by now so you hide quietly in the shadows - never quite jumping full in...
    • You dread signing in so you simply avoid it by distracting yourself with stuff you already know - anything you already know - to get out of having to learn something new or tackle a new program...
    • You may be feeling like you're alone in all of this... this business thing... no one quite knows exactly what you're dreaming of creating and your family and friends don't really understand why you'd choose this life. You're craving connection with people who "get it" or can truly see you for the amazing, magical creator you are!

If you're nodding along, you're in the right place!

"Leanne has been a great support in the creation of my Programme Body Magic.

Our 1:1 sessions helped me get the pricing right and to reflect on my audience. Her easy, friendly and yet firm attitude was just the right thing to consolidate my thoughts. I am looking forward to working with her on my launch and can heartily recommend her!"


~ Baya Salmon-Hawk

Membership Perks!

Inside the completely virtual Systematic Clarity Membership you will have access to:

Monthly Planning/Goal Setting Call

I thrive on helping people stay accountable to their dreams so each month we will gather for a virtual coffee and monthly goal setting call. You'll get to take the 1-min hot seat to share your plans and connect to the other women in the group!

Monthly Tech Training Call

Each month we will choose a software platform to explore together via screen share. I'll guide the learning and hold your hand while you follow along on your own screen so we can take the guesswork and anxiety out of trying new things! Of course you'll get access to the recordings so you can go back and reference the teachings anytime you need them!

Monthly Masterclass with Complimentary Business Owners

Connection is one of my deepest core values. I know SO many incredible people who do incredible things so I want to bring them in and share them with the SC members! So each month we will welcome a new guest speaker to share about a different area of business so you're supported in ALL areas, not JUST the tech.

+  PLUS!  +

You'll have exclusive access to platform discussions and comparisons. The membership is a place where I get to share all of my accumulated knowledge about software, tech, computers, business platforms and more! We'll get to chat about which things work, how they work, what we like and what we don't. YOU get the benefit of all of my years of software trials and fiddling around in software for fun!

Enrollment Options

If you're IN, there are 2 options to join the membership - join monthly and stay as long as you'd like or pay up front and know you're SET for a year with a month's worth of savings built in! Either option is perfect :)



USD / month

Pay as you go - cancel anytime



USD per year

Buy 12 for the price of 11!

"During my 1:1 session with Leanne, I was supported to move from overwhelm to clarity.

Leanne helped me to appreciate the work I had already completed and how I could best utilise these resources in the present time. Through her questions I was able to see a clearer path and identify the next few action steps that would move me forward. Thank you Leanne!"


-Carolyn Searson
Creator of Helping you create a more JOYFUL life