Let me help you and your business be their biggest, baddest selves!

Feel free to peruse below where I’ve laid out a few of my passions and some options to help you out right away. I know it’s challenging to do business alone, but know that I AM HERE FOR YOU, every step of the way!

I love to be the girl behind the curtain, ensuring you’re taken care of and feeling confident to get out of your own way and build up that big, beautiful business. So don’t stress - I’ve got your back, always!


1:1 Intuitive Collaboration Consulting

These sessions are POW-ER-FUL. I’ve found throughout my time as a business owner that I crave having a go-to person to reflect back to me what I need to hear. Or, if I’m honest, I crave someone to just tell me what to do. In these sessions, I deliver what I most crave. I love listening, trouble shooting and cheering. I have an awesome ability to read between the lines and listen to what you’re really saying to reflect back what you most need to hear. These sessions are what you make of them. If you need help narrowing down a new business idea, let’s talk about it! If you need help with a system you’re frustrated with, I can help there too. And if you just need someone to listen, I’m here for that. Bring your questions and an open heart and let’s dive in.

1:1 Sessions are currently offered at a rate of $97 for a 60-minute session

Book Your Session Right on my Calendar Here

Ongoing Monthly Support

If you know you're going to want more than a single 1:1 session, I'm happy to offer a monthly package of weekly calls for 3 months.

More time together = more transformation, more opportunity to build together and more bang for your overall buck! I love watching you grow so bundles of sessions feel like a natural offer.

In these sessions, I deliver what I most crave. I love listening, trouble shooting and cheering my people on. I also have a magical ability to know when my clients need me most.

Bring your questions and an open heart and let’s dive in!

$4,500 for 3 months of support

Contact me to set this up for you!

Launch with You!

Are you experienced at launching your work into this world but have always felt like you could use a little cheerleader in your corner to keep your spirits up, an accountability partner to make sure you get all. the. tasks done, and an overall believer in ALL THINGS YOU??? 

I recently tried to go through a launch alone and, guess what? I lost steam and ended up pulling out of the launch. I wish I had brought someone in to keep my spirits up and keep me going through all of the inevitable doubt that creeped in day after day.

Providing that support is where I SHINE!

I was an actual cheerleader in High School so I learned how to yell loud and proud for my people at a young age. 

When you hire me to be your Launch Cheerleader, I am with you every step of the way. I'm literally a message or a call away - there to pick you up when you're struggling and there to celebrate the HECK out of you when you enroll that first (and final) client this time around!

What you get when you hire me for your launch:

  • 8 weeks of pure life force energy support for your best launch yet!
  • 1x/week call to keep you on track and moving forward (and in high spirits!)
  • Messenger support the whole time
  • Proofreading/editing of any webpages, emails, posts etc. you want extra eyes on
  • Email input/admin into your marketing system so you don't have to worry about it

Let’s chat if you feel like you are READY for some energetic support with your next launch! 

This work completely lights me up but requires a lot of my time and energy, therefore I can only take on 2 launch clients at a time (read: you basically get me and all of my energy to yourself!). If this is speaking to you, book a spot on my calendar to chat so we can get you on the list!

Launch Support with me is $7,500 for the 8 weeks of support as outlined above

*If this is your first time launching and you feel you could use support, please reach out for my "first time launchers" special package :)

Book 30 Minutes Here

Zoom Co-Host

Running a webinar and need someone to back you up and handle the Zoom things so you can focus on what YOU do best (delivering your incredible content)?? I’m happy to be your back-up, letting people in, moderating the comments, making sure you see the questions, answering questions for the audience the best I can, dropping links when needed, muting people, creating breakout rooms… I’m happy to do the tech stuff while you’re hard at work showing up for your people!

Subject to availability  |  $350 per Zoom session

Message me about Availability

I also offer Numerology blueprints! I love mixing the science of the numbers with my intuition’s read on your unique mix of attributes. My most common numerology offering is a personal numerology blueprint. It’s quick and painless and brings me so much joy.

A bit about me so you know what you're getting yourself into :)

I have always said that I am a unique mix of both sides of the brain. Back in my corporate days, I sat with the meeting planners but wasn’t a planner, myself. I was the website builder and software trainer but I also often worked the registration desk onsite at meetings – being that personable, friendly, smiling face upon arrival or throughout the meeting.

I am a unique mix of the detailed-oriented, creative right-brain PLUS the systems-oriented, tech-minded left-brain. I am not a full blown IT professional nor am I a full blown creative (or event planner). I know a bit about both – a bit about many things, in fact.. Enough to speak to you and teach you like a regular human just trying to understand the sometimes daunting and frustrating world of technology, computers, systems and software.

I take my time to make sure you’re understanding what I’m teaching or that you know how to take it over when I’ve done my part for you. I’m also your biggest cheerleader. I truly LOVE seeing my people step into their fullest potential, grabbing life by the horns and making something beautiful in the process.

I’m intuitive and am constantly working to strengthen this muscle so I can hear what you’re saying between the words and reflect back to you what you most need to hear.

My capabilities are vast and I love finding creative solutions to our challenges. You’ll often hear me saying “there must be a technology out there that can do this” and heading off to find said solution.

I’ve always been a helper – a doer. I’m not the variety of human that writes a check and sits back to let others do the work. I’m the one who shows up, rallying the troops and putting my heart and soul into the task at hand. From volunteering with my dad as a little girl to joining my own local Rotary club as a business owner, I love being a dependable body to get the things d-o-n-e.

THIS is what makes me so great at helping you clean up your systems. I love to DO the doing. I’m the girl behind the curtain, ready to help you SHINE, baby!

When I’m not online, helping you slay your business, I’m wrangling 2 loud boys – trying my damnedest to raise them to be amazing men ready to tackle this crazy world 😊

If you want to chat and see where my skills can fit into your business, just book a session with me! I LOVE to connect and try to make myself as available as possible so you can get in quick and get the answers you need. I can’t WAIT to chat with you! Xo 

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