Please hear me when I say...

I see your brilliance.

I see all the infinite possibilities of how incredible you are and the amazing work you are here to do in this world.

I see you as the wildly capable, worthy-beyond-measure human that you are. Capable of making ALL of your dreams spring to life.


And also...

I see your fears of expanding into something you’ve dipped your toe into but haven’t quite had the courage to jump into fully.

I see your doubts, your questions, your loneliness as you navigate these waters by yourself.

I see that if you could only jump, knowing you are tethered safely, with a strong net to catch you, that you would FLY and do such amazing things.

I want to be that tether and that net for you.

When you go out and do the scary things, know that I have your back. 


As you navigate the dark waters of the unknown - what feels like an infinite abyss of potential failures and set backs and putting yourself out there and doing it all by yourself - I will be your lantern holder, standing firm at the front of that boat, guiding the way for your ship.

Let me hold the space for you.

Let me be the one you lean on as you do the big, scary, audacious things your heart calls you to do.

I know what it feels like because I’ve battled those same demons (and continue to battle them).

I know what it feels like to FEEL IT RIGHT AT THE TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS - to be on the literal tipping point - and having to be the ONLY ONE who believes in me enough to tip that scale.

I know what it feels like to go through an exhausting launch completely alone. From a silent house with little milk and - thank God - a frozen bucket of soup in the freezer for nourishment. 


I have been there. And through it all, I wish I had someone like me to lean on... that got it. That could lovingly pull me back and tell me that it’s okay to rest or feel sadness or feel angry… to feel all of it.

I have been there wishing I had someone’s lap to cry on as I felt all those big feelings.

And I have been there wanting to celebrate the hell out of myself for doing the big things!

And so when I show up in our 1:1 container, know that I show up from a place of delivering to you all the things I wish I had in those moments.

Heart full, wide open, big. Life force energy.



I’ve spent years getting ready for this work. I’ve practiced and given and held so much space for incredible humans. Humans for whom I’m able to see the depths and the truths of who they are… to see their full brilliance in all they are and all they do. 

Time and time again I have pulled them back to the essence of themselves, encouraged them to go further, to shine their light a little brighter. 

I’ve watched these beautiful humans conquer their fears - to see their faces splashed all over their very own media kit as they begin a speaking career; successfully launch their very first group program; get off welfare by owning the truth of the absolutely brilliant human they are to have a completely booked out schedule; finally leave the marriage they know has been depleting them for years; launch multiple retreats after sitting on it for far too long; conquer their fear of the stage and take that first step out there.

I want all the things for you, too.

I believe in you so fiercely. And I am savagely protective of my people.

I see you, beautiful soul.


Let’s do it together.

Starting today.

I love you so much xo

Why Amplify?

You're probably right on the cusp right now. You've done the legwork. You might have been at this thing for years, working on your inner self, your products, your perfect messaging. I see you right on the tipping point. You just need the nudge, the security, to step forward and take the spotlight as the absolute genius you are.

That's where I come in. My people are those who are sitting there sort of quietly under a cozy blanket in the corner of the party. The hidden gems, waiting to take off the blanket that's keeping their light hidden.

Because deep down you already KNOW you are worthy, capable and brilliant. We just need to let that light shine!

And then my magic is taking that light and amplifying it.

I know you know you're amazing. But, not to scare you, I have the unique ability to see even MORE for you, my love. So when we work in Amplify, I hold (and lovingly nudge you toward) the even BIGGER vision of you.

This is about STEPPING OUT, owning that brilliance and amplifying that light so that even more people can SEE you, too.

Here are a few practical ways this has shown up in clients:

  • You publish a book but plan to just low key let people know about it.
    • Nope - we need to do an ACTUAL launch to show the world that beautiful work of art!!!

  • You kind of sort of know A SHITTON of magic and think you're "just" this person who didn't finish school so you don't talk about that piece of you. (First of all you are not "JUST" anything. You're radiant.)
    • But... Nope - we highlight that genius and book out your calendar with coaching clients who get INCREDIBLE results because you're so freaking magical and knowledgeable about SO SO much!!!

  • You outsource your simple website and don't have a newsletter or blog or social media because you think you aren't capable of conquering tech - it all seems way too overwhelming.
    • Nope - we can conquer that shit together and amplify your presence with a beautiful website that feels like YOU, ever changing, ever evolving and get you to a point where you can manage your blog, your email list, your email creator, and have the absolute capability to create graphics anytime you damn well want to because you're not intimidated anymore!

  • You're spending hours every week teaching an intro level course, live, to your students when that's not the work that actually lights you up.
    • Nope - we work on creating a standalone entry level course where you don't need to be there to hold their hands so that you can spend your time with higher paying clients doing the work that ACTUALLY lights you up!


We all know that coaching isn't JUST about the weekly calls. When you say YES to this 1:1 container with me, you get my brain (and life force Generator energy) for 6 whole months.

There's so much richness available in this space and I can't WAIT to support you.


[18] 1-hour Zoom calls to work out the kinks as needed throughout our time together

Messenger access between calls for additional support, to review materials, tackle your tech (I'll probably just tell you to give me the login details because it's faster and easier most times for me to do it and then show you how I did it), review content/shareable graphics, get you unstuck or give you a pep talk etc. 

Access to any group programs/spaces I'm running during our time together (i.e. The Accountability Circle right now)

I hold the long-term, BIG vision for you so I can bring you back to your greatness over and over when you get stuck in the weeds and feel like you can't go forward


$2,000 USD / month x 6 months

If you're a "set it and forget it" type and prefer to pay in full for 6 months, you can save yourself $1,000!
(making the total investment just $11,000)


It's time, my love,

for you to step - fully supported - into your greatness!

I hold the vision and the container for you. So when you falter or doubt or stumble...

I'm there to support you.

Let's get the conversation started